Class: Warrior
The Warrior is an armored melee combatant who specializes in wielding weapons. A class of warriors dealing with physical damage in melee combat. With proper equipment, they can be real tanks, causing fire on themselves.
Advantages: can wear the heaviest armor and shields, owns many types of weapons. In addition to weapons, it has unique abilities - cries and shouts, with the help of which it can plunge opponents into a stampede, has abilities that allow itself to heal a little. When equipped with a shield or armor, reflects some of the damage dealt.
Disadvantages: The slowest class, does not have any magical abilities, the class is the most dependent on equipment.
Class: Archer
The Archer is the only class in the game that specializes in dealing damage with ranged weapons, specializing in archery and crossbow shooting.
Advantages: the ability to attack enemies from a long distance and even while moving. Differs in the fastest movement speed in the game.
Disadvantages: does not have self-healing spells. Has the lowest health reserve.
Class: Mage
The mage is a hybrid, relatively complex class that requires an understanding in what situations to use certain spells.
Advantages: high stealth, can use effective melee weapons, is able to tame wild animals and use them as their own bodyguards and assistants.
Disadvantages: It is quite difficult for a mage to combine specializations based on melee damage and magic spell damage, due to completely different equipment requirements.
News about the game.
The game is under development and is in closed alpha testing. Estimated time to go into production: Q1 2021.

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